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Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, says Donald Trump

Ankara: Turkey and Russia’s presidents termed the occupation of the Trumpet-based trumpet to the region’s security, saying that the American move could wrap the Middle East with a new fire.

According to international media reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Ankara on a visit to Ankara where he met Turkish counterpart Tayyab Erdogan.

And in the joint press conference, both the leaders strongly opposed the announcement of the announcement of the United States, recognizing the Jerusalem capital to the capital The decision to criticize severely criticized.

The Turkish and Russian presidency said the Middle East is already in conflicts and now the announcement of the US President has increased the tension in the region, this move will bring peace to the peace process, and the whole region will be wrapped in fire.

Tayyab Erdogan said during the meeting, Russian President strongly condemned the Israeli violence and condemnation of the Palestinians, to push the peaceful solution to the problem by negotiating.

The Russian President said that not only the Muslims of the world but also the Muslims of the world The followers of religions are also found to be very sorrowful.

The Turkish President further said that the decision to purchase S-400 missile defense system from Russia will be held next week, while Russia will continue to cooperate with Turkey on clearing terrorists and on this issue.

Ankara: Turkish President Tayyab Erdoğan says that the thinking thinking of occupying the occupied Jerusalem will not be able to find a tree in the future.

Speaking to the Turkish capital, Ankara, organized for businessmen and traders, Turkish President Tayyab Erdoğan said the term “Trump” has made America a part of blood pressure by the new Palestinian.

When we make the US decision We have not recognized or will never, we can not binding or acceptable Palestinians to the Trump’s decision.

Turkish President Tayyab Eradogan says

The Turkish President said that the builders of the Believers for the Muslims heard that Muslims will continue to struggle until the freedom of Palestine.

The one who does not give up with the oppressed, the right to say anything about the world peace.

It is not when people who are thinking about being occupied by the Holy Prophet or their master know that they will not be able to hide behind any tree tomorrow.

Earlier Tayyab Erdoğan described Israel as a terrorist state on the occupied Jerusalem capital to make the occupied Jerusalem capital.
When he said that the new and innocent Palestinian Israelis are targeted, Israel is a terrorist state. Will not leave on mercy.

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