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It is possible to prevent cancer and disease from eating 5 mushrooms daily


Experts have discovered two major anti-oxidants in mushrooms (poles) that improve health in a number of ways and do the ages longer.

Their names are ‘Aragotoshon‘ and ‘Gloathathine‘. Experts have said after a long survey that these two prevent from becoming free radicals and keep away many types of diseases.

University of Pennsylvania State University Professor Robert Belman and his colleagues have proved that the body uses oxygen, then the process generates free radicals and causes dementia and heart diseases.

Likewise free radicals also make alzheimer’s and heart veins harder.

According to experts, the “Wild Porsche Mushroom” found in Italy is at the forefront of anti-oxidation properties, although there are two major anti-oxygen-based mushrooms, but in small quantities.

Even then, these mushrooms are not found in other items except mushrooms.

However, Professor Robert said that by cooking these mushrooms, their important nutrients are lost. Another thing proves that people from France and Italy eat it with mushrooms and there is also low dementia and other mental illnesses.

Robert Belman has admitted that his research is still in the early stages, which will be done more but in countries where it mushrooms, mushrooms can not be ignored by the people and other countries of the disease.

There are 3 ml antioxidants in just five mushrooms, which can protect us from known diseases.

There has been a lot of research on mushroom before and experts believe that it is very effective against anti-virus, anti-tumor, anti-cancer and diabetes.

Malaysian experts have proved that mushrooms stop dementia. Thus mushroom utility has been proven.

Special Sugar can play role for deep wounds


After joint research, Pakistani and British experts have said that sugar plays an important role in filling deep wounds and enhances veins in very deep wounds.

After which blood and other mineral ingredients start supplying and wound Feels fast.

In the University of Cheffeld, the Mathematical Science and Engineering and experts at the Interdisciplinary Research Center in Biomedical Mathematics Research (IRCBM) have jointly discovered.

That special type of sugar increases the growth of a patient in any patient The process of becoming new veins is called.

Blood supply naturally wounds because blood, oxygen and essential ingredients begin to reach the affected part.

The use of simple sweets helps to quickly cure wounds and reduce the need for treatment. Patients with wound rapidly recover time and resources of physicians and patients.

Dr. Shila Maik Nel, a specialist associated with Chefflood University, said that due to simple sugars (spiral sugarcane),

the wounds are becoming more quickly and patients get less treatment and decrease the burden on the overall health system.

In this process, sugar is kept in hydroglam-like water (bandage) and it can be filled with simple or severe injury injuries. Some types of thanksgiving are helpful in fastening the wounds.

Dr. Muhammad Yar of the Comics Institute revealed during studying the new veins of juice and blood that natural sugar-to-bei-ribosz plays an important role in the preparation of new pipes in the body.

Later, he further investigated with the University of Cheffeld, Dr. Sheila and Professor Ian Douglas, with more encouraging results.

Talking to bbcarticle.com , Dr. Muhammad Yar said that in this process, another type of sugar used mechanical, called D-oxygen Sugar.

These prostitutes give thanks to cancer juice and after using these negative effects, we have proved after experiments on animals that DOCC can increase blood veins in deep wounds.

Initially the initial results proved to be very encouraging. We have not yet been tested on humans.
This research has been published in a major scientific journal material treaty committees.

Which can be made less expensive and easier for a bandage that will be able to recover unhealthy and wounding months for patients with diabetes and older people.

The whole team played a role in this important task, including Professor Sheila Mikailel, Ian Douglas, Dr Muhammad Yar, Libni Princess, Azhar Mahmood, Mohammad Imran Rahim, Sabin Rani, Akhtar Anam Chaudhary and Akhtasham Rehman from Pakistan.

The same team has recently developed hydrogen based hydrogen which are capable of producing new veins again by creating incortions on the wounds.

Effective ways to reduce stomach fat


Obesity and abdominal fat around the world are becoming the biggest medical problem, but it can be solved with a few simple methods.

In modern times where new things are being used rapidly, there are not only complications created by them, but only diabetes and heart diseases,

but due to the bad structure of the body, people are suffering from stress That stomach fat is the most prominent on the body while the weight of the body plays the most important role in weight loss.

This condition has targeted women and gentlemen and children in other developed countries, particularly African women (African American) women, especially in the United States.

But easy home fatigue and precautions can be easily controlled by obesity.

Stop Eating Sweet Items

Most people are more likely to eat sweet food and prefer sweet food in tea, coffee and coffee. Especially the sweets are likely to increase fatty fat.

If people use sugar (sugar) and other sweet things to reduce food, it starts to decrease the stomach.

Simple carbohydrate reduction in diet

White bread, sour grain and sweet foods contain simple carbohydrates due to more calories that increase the stomach fat in the body.

If simple (simple) carbohydrate is used instead of non-dried (full) cereals, fruits and vegetables, it is not impossible to reduce stomach fat.

Avoid fried things

If there are fried things made in oil.

It leads to a person suffering from various diseases, even knowing that it can increase fat in the body. It can only reduce the abdominal absent from the fried or fried items in the oil, as well as diseases.


Exercise is the most important factor. Fat can be reduce by doing exercise on daily basis.

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