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Amazing Sites You Never Visited

The Top Amazing Sites You Never Visited

photos.google.com and contacts.google.com

Android users this is a must read for you! When you buy an android you are required to log in to play store using your Gmail account! Well it’s not only for the play store.

Google sync all your contacts into your account. Obviously its need your permission to do it. But for your information google gets it through many means.

There are enough google apps in your phone already for it to sync your info easily. You will find all of your contacts on the link I mentioned above.

Now comes the scary part the photos. Yes most android devices has this option enabled which I also personally checked in some of friend cellphones girls especially that google sync your photos too.

No they are not public but any person with your Gmail password can have access to it. It does not happen to everyone but be aware what you are giving away.

TIP-try exploring your Gmail settings you can turn these off too.


After visiting this site my concept about wasting my time on the laptop was completely changed. This is a site where you can virtually learn anything at all.

It is a pool of knowledge, a world of information, school of skills. It is a site where you can get free courses and paid courses as well.

The courses include the video tutorials, handouts, useful tips and links. If you don’t like your course you bought then you can have your money back within 30 days! Most of the courses are free.

TIP-every month they made an offer to buy any course for only 10$ so wait for these offers.


This is an amazing website. A true unique concept. Noisli gives you amazing sounds like Raining, thundering, forest noise, office environment.

If you want rain sound and office noise at same time then click on both of them you will listen the office noise and rain at the same time.

TIP-Use noisli while doing your assignments you will fell amazing relaxed.


Every one try to find graphics online. And often ends up in google images. The better alternative is you’re the freepick.com. Which is richly filled with amazing graphics of any type you want.

And best of all of them are free to use. Just download them and remove the dummy text on the graphics and replace it with your text.

TIP-almost all of the files are downloaded in PSD or AI formats so need Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to edit the graphics.


Don’t have Netflix or iflix subscriptions? Log on to the website you will find the tv series and best of all are free.

TIP– you may also download the episode you watch.


For those of us who makes short video projects or documentaries this is a great site where you can get the stock videos for free. The website have all the variety and high definition.

TIP– use them for intros and outros.


Before you buy a cell phone you should know all about the cell phone you want to purchase. This website will provide you the information about the cell phone like processor, ram, storage etc.

For example Samsung Galaxy s8 I actually came to know a lot about my cell phone how much better performance it has. You can get feedback and ratings about your cell phone.

TIP-try comparing I phone and Samsung.


The site get great appreciation and recognition during the ban of YouTube in Pakistan. One of the reason it is still used even the YouTube is not ban.

It has download button under every video. It is faster and lighter than the YouTube.

TIP-it also has an app for android and IOS users.


Tired of typing big articles. Here is the answer google voice api is the site where you only need to speak and it will type everything.

I use it to get all assignments, project proposals, and applications just by reading them orally. It is easy to use just click on the mic button when it turns red start speaking you will get your words almost 90% accurate.

TIP– try speaking in American accent.


This is amazing site where you can prepare your graphics and present it anywhere in a matter of seconds.
It has variety of graphics and all of them are fascinating.

TIP-great for Facebook posts, banners and presentation backgrounds or for slides.

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